Who Am I?

Forrest "Don" Wright

Corporate standards strategist... Industry innovator and leader,,,

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About Me

I am the President of Standards Strategies, LLC, an Information and Communication Technology Standardization consulting firm.  Previously, I was the Director of Worldwide Standards (now retired) for Lexmark International, a leading developer of printing technology and products.  I have over 35 years of experience in standards, engineering, software development and marketing. Since graduating from the University of Louisville with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering (Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu), I have worked on the development and marketing of a variety of information processing products for IBM (12 years) and Lexmark (21 years). A number of years ago I successfully led the worldwide printer industry in developing an IEEE standard for the parallel printer interconnect (IEEE 1284) and then a few years later, in developing IEEE security assessment standards (IEEE 2600 series) for hardcopy devices.

Montage of Don Wright picturesI am a senior member of the IEEE and am currently the IEEE Computer Society 2015 Vice President of Standards Activities and a member of the Computer Society Board of Governors and the Executive Committee.  I was previously a long-time member of the IEEE Standards Associations (SA) Board of Governors and was its Treasurer for 8 years.  As the SA Treasurer, I also served on the IEEE Finance Committee, a committee of the IEEE Board of Directors.  I am currently the Chair of the Standards Association Awards and Recognition Committee and a member of the IEEE-SA Standards Board, its Patent Committee and its Procedures Committee. I have previously served as the Chair of the IEEE Standards Board and as Chair of its Patent Committee.  I have also served as Chair of the IEEE Computer Society’s Microprocessor Standards Committee, the sponsor committee responsible for a diverse set of standards for parallel and serial busses, programming languages, cryptography and floating point and interval arithmetic.  I am currently the Chair of the IEEE’s Admission and Advancement Committee, a member of the IEEE Member Engagement and Life Cycle Committee and a member the IEEE Awards Board.

I am a member of the IEEE Computer Society, the IEEE Communications Society, the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology, and the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society.

Currently, I am the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization.  In the IEEE-ISTO, I was one of the founders of and a past Chair of the Printer Working Group (PWG), which develops and encourages the development of standards for the office printing industry.

Other Standards Organizations

While at Lexmark, I served as the Chair of the Executive Board of the International Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) which develops American National standards and is the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO/IEC JTC 1.  As INCITS Chair, I served as the US Head of Delegation for the JTC 1 Plenary.  In addition, I was a member of the INCITS Procedures Board Committee, the US Delegation to JTC 1 Special Working Group on the Directives, the INCITS Study Group on Planning, the US Delegation to the JTC 1 Special Working Group on Planning, and the INCITS Finance Board Committee.

I was a member of the Board of Directors of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for six years from 2008 until 2013.  My company, Standards Strategies, LLC is a member of ANSI and I am currently a member of the ANSI Intellectual Property Rights Policy Committee, the ANSI-ISO Council, the ANSI International Policy Committee, the ANSI National Policy Committee and the ANSI Company Member’s Forum.  While at Lexmark, I served as Lexmark's representative to the Information Technology Industry Council’s (ITI) Standardization Policy and Cybersecurity committees. 

As Lexmark’s Director of Worldwide Standards, I also represented Lexmark on the Worldwide Web Consortium’s Advisory Committee, at the Trusted Computing Group and at the UPNP Forum.