Who Am I?

Forrest "Don" Wright

Corporate standards strategist... Industry innovator and leader,,,

IEEE Standards Leader ... Insightful ... Knowledgeable ... Dedicated...

Experienced consultant to companies ... Strategic ...

Focused ... Understands the IEEE organization ...

Probing ... Listener ... Small business creator ...

Experienced standards implementer ... IEEE Leader...

Leader in other standards organizations.

My Experience

I am honored to have been selected to be the 2016 IEEE Standards Association President Elect and subsequently the 2017-2018 IEEE-SA President. After many years of progressive leadership, I have a detailed understanding of the mission and business of the IEEE Standards Association. Over the last 20 plus years in the area of standards, I have served as:

  • The Working Group Chair for seven successful IEEE standards
  • The Chair for the Microprocessor Standards Committee
  • A member of multiple committees of the Standards Board
  • The Chair and then Past Chair of the Standards Board
  • A member of the Standards Association Board of Governors
  • The Treasurer of the Standards Association
  • The Chair of the SA Awards and Recognition Committee
  • The 2015 Computer Society Vice President of Standards

More broadly, I have served in the IEEE as:

  • The Chair and Vice Chair of the MGA Admission and Advancement Committee
  • A member of the IEEE Finance Committee
  • A member of the IEEE Investment Committee
  • A member of the New Initiatives Committee
  • A member of the MGA Member Engagement and Life Cycle Committee
  • The liaison between the Standard Association and both TAB and IEEE-USA

I have been honored to be the recipient of the following awards:

  • The IEEE Standards Association Standards Board Distinguished Service Award
  • The Computer Society Golden Core Award
  • Multiple Computer Society Outstanding Contribution Awards
  • Multiple IEEE Standards Association Working Group Chair Awards
  • The INCITS Chairman's Award

SASB Distinguish Service AwardSASB Distinguish Service Award

You can click the About Me link above for more information about my qualifications, activities and accomplishments.  An information sheet is also available.

Thank you for your consideration and your participation in the IEEE election!